SO, here we are light beings. 2017 has come and gone and 2018 is upon us. Do you feel the newness? Not because of the new year, but merely because it is a new day and that every day you arise you are a new creation. Do you feel that inner urge to transform into the higher version of yourself that haunts you in the most beautiful way? Not so much because 2018 IS YOUR YEAR, but because you are an infinite being and time is irrelevant to your ability to manifest the meditations of your heART. Every single year, month, week, day, hour, minute and second your purpose is to be happy and see pleasure because feeling good is the secret ingredient to your own success?

Whether it’s financial, physical, mental, emotional or spiritual elevations (changes) that you crave – do you know that it is closer to your grasp than you realize? Do you realize that perhaps it does not take as much effort as the world often encourages? What if I told you that whatever you desire, you can have so long as you align yourself with that vibration? What if I told you that once you ask for something, it’s actually already DONE and that all you have to do is BELIEVE, despite the naysayers, and allow that which you have asked SOURCE for to deliver it to you.

You are a Manifestor. Everything in your life, you have created whether you fully realize it or not. If you are currently happy and fulfilled no matter what the world throws your way and no matter who you are around and what circumstances you may find yourself in – YOU GET IT – congratulations! You understand the importance of maintaining a high vibration despite what it looks like because you already know that the universe is conspiring on your behalf AT ALL TIMES. If you are not as elated about where you are in your life right now- no worries. You have been experiencing a significant amount of what we call contrast, but only to understand what you don’t want so you can have a more concrete understanding about what you do want.

So, for 2018 and forever more, the idea is to FEEL GOOD- not guilty or helpless or incomplete or discouraged, or any other feeling rooted in fear and lack; but instead – 🙏GRATEFUL🙏 for all of your experiences that have lead you to this point, to this article, to this understanding loaded with wisdom.

Allow me to introduce you to a collective consciousness connected to infinite intelligence, named Abraham, channeled by Esther & Jerry Hicks. For the next few months, I am going to share with you the power of Abraham’s profound Universal law – THE LAW OF ATTRACTION – and how to practice it in your life so you can be the best version of yourself RIGHT NOW in Spirit while your physical version of you catches up with your spiritual one. Deep, I know, but life is deep so are you really surprised? And, I know it may sound weird, but if you remain in a space of openness, your soul will be touched.

For our first session: let’s start with the basics. Oprah interviews Esther and provides a little background on how Esther and Jerry discovered Abraham. The interview clearly paints rudimentary Universal truths such as: You are more than your physical body. And everything physical on this planet comes from the non physical – thought (vibration). The non physical and physical are never separate. There are no accidents. Everything happens for a reason. And you are in full control because you create your reality!

Enjoy our first session with Abraham. And instead of forcing the new you in 2018 to appear, simply allow the new you to shine brighter and brighter from day to day – following one Good feeling after another.

💜Love & Light☀️,