While everyone was at the Hip Hop DX party this past Thursday during the BET experience weekend, we were being dazzled, honored and appreciated by Vogue Italia compliments of Miss Tasha Bouè and all of her hard, consistent and beautiful work as Jamie Foxx’s wardrobe stylist for a decade plus. It was lovely to be a part of my business partner’s glory as a movement and collective. And it felt good to see not only her, but others such as Chris Brown’s stylist, EJ; Queen Latifah’s stylist, Tim; as well as Kay, a new up and coming designer now a part of the heART of Cool family.

The food was catered by blank and was absolutely delicious. In fact, all of us had two plates and one of us had the nerve to take a few togo plates in one. The designers that were gifting us such as blank and blank were quite dope and original. We even met visual Artist, Ava, who for the first time witnessed her artwork on these cool bomber jackets, which you will see in an up and coming interview.

The intersection of fashion, music and visual art was most certainly at play and the importance of honoring the people behind the scenes, who play a dynamic role in making the stars and celebrities in front of the scenes capture and illuminate their glow within, was truly refreshing to see. And for it to happen during the BET experience weekend was even more rewarding as women entrepreneurs of color.

Thank you to Vogue Italia and Style Suite for hosting Miss Tasha Bouè and heART of Cool. And supreme congratulations to one of our very own, Miss Tasha Bouè.

What a moment!

💜Love & Light🌞,