“Repetition is the key to learning” and 3-D artist, Chad Knight, totally understands this philosophy. Having executed a 365 challenge where he created a piece of digital art everyday in an effort to perfect his gift and craft; Knight is well aware of the benefits of creating Art everyday to sharpen one’s craft. This psychological exercise manifested a visual journey filled with endless impossibilities in the form of deconstructed skulls and entities that are ancient and divine such as the elephant man.

The works created were simply fascinating and most definitely pushed the limits of creating Art as we know it due to the intensity created from the frequency of creation. 3-D art is richly textured and inspirational. Knight’s work is breathtakingly awe-inspiring and the magnitude of his work is undeniable.

An Artist and fellow scorpio, who actually lives his life in synchronicity with who he is, maximizes the full expression his Art lends and is supremely grateful for each new day he has an opportunity to create yet an even better creation than yesterday. Someone who always strives to be better, also works in the design department of Vans and is a retired skateboarder.

Take some time to appreciate Knight’s work and vision and remember anything worth having, is worth working for so whatever your passion is perhaps you want to participate in the 365 challenge and see how that repetition may elevate the brilliance and mastery in your work.

See below for some of the Artists that Knight draws his inspiration from: Baroque artists. More specifically, Claudio Coello, Peter Paul Rubens, Giovanni Lanfranco, Orazio Gentileschi, Caravaggio, to name a few.Their work is incredibly powerful. The lighting, craftsmanship and fluidity is mesmerizing. There are also digital artists, such as Mike Winkleman (Beeple), Archan Nair, Eric Kalsbeek (Kalsloos), Fvckrender, Joe Pascale and ThunderKat that I very much admire.

❤️Love & Light☀️,