And just like that it just got that much more better. This is my definition of a level up!

This is FASHION on so many levels in my opinion! Not sure if there’s anyone out there like me who doesn’t require anything, but all of the right things as funny as it sounds. I am so simple, yet so complex. The right accessory allows me to speak clearly to how I am feeling at the moment.

The newest release from ROLEX is why we are here and it is the perfect reason I feel!! ROLEX released the newest member of the “BASEL WORLD COLLECTION” last Monday and it’s a smash. Taste is definitely required to step into this realm of FASHION and to be quite frank most will not get it. ROLEX has been a very safe brand for many years, servicing the executives and high rollers of the time piece world.

The YACHT MASTER series has been my most favorite ROLEX for the past 4 years. The diamond setting on the pieces are the most important part of the process and is where the brand spends most of it’s time to those who do not know. This is what the brand has become most well known for and they have taken this level of the game up a few notches with it’s latest release of the MULTI COLOR GEM SET BEZEL YACHT MASTER 40.

Now I have seen a few watches that make you go woah, but I do believe that my jaw dropped when I saw this and knew that this was it hands down!!!!!!! The MASTER 40 has a few perks that make it all worth it for sure: like the 40mm rose gold case it comes in which was the sale for me. In addition, it is has 32 saphire diamonds set in the band and is water proof up to 330 feet.

What else could you possibly want from a watch. I thought and came up with the answer: NOTHING! For me at least it is everything I want in one place and that is hard to find in FASHION as typically one thing is always missing. When you find that thing you really like, you go with it.

Kudos to ROLEX for stepping it up as the watch world could use a bit of excitement!!

Signing Off!