So leaving Miami after Miami Music Week and Ultra, I must admit that I have rediscovered love in the most simplest form: the love of God’s beautiful beach and Sun ☀️; the love of music, the love of being in the most plush eco-friendly and sustainable hotel (1 Hotel) where the synchronicity and alignment is rather is rare and most joyous; the love of spending one on one time with myself & the Supreme Creator and the love of new adventures with  incredible human beings that are diverse and beautifully driven to be the best versions of themselves.

So, for this HoC Music Mondays, it’s all about doing EVERYTHING in the name of LOVE. And Martin Garrix‘s song, “In The Name Of Love”, could not be a better selection to vibe to all week long with the aforementioned mantra in place and as I reminisce just a bit about my AMAZING journey.

It’s not hard to see what Tiesto saw in the Dutch DJ, record producer and musician, Garris, when he first discovered the

young bright star, who started playing the guitar at the age of 9. Handsome, musically adventurous and full of life, Garrix seems to be getting better and better as he shares his authentic love affair of music with the world. Thousands and thousands of people viewed him this past weekend at the Ultra Music Festival and LIV this past Friday and from the photos you can see how magical and sensational it was with Garrix debuting at least three or four new tracks, including some updates to older tracks like “Waiting For Tomorrow” and, surprisingly… “Music Box“.

Listen to “In The Name Of Love” and press forward into your week fearlessly and with heartfelt thanks.

❤️Love & Light☀️,