Provocative, wildly imaginative and bold, Marius Sperlich is a photographer and art director based in Berlin that captures beauty in the raw in a quirky and vivid manner. Paying attention to detail meticulously, he reveals the human body in combination with his artwork ideas, creating a combustion of wild thoughts of wonder as to what you are actually witnessing. Bringing the medium of Film to photography, Sperlich plays the director role as he treats his stage photographies as actual short films that include story lines and the reflection of the protagonist’s feelings and ideas.

Obsessed with close and the ability to make the viewer feel anything as long as they feel something, Sperlich flirts with his personal inspiration found in the energy of discomfort, pushing the viewer out of his or her comfort zone by revealing the human body. The images may be a bit racy, yet they encompass so much depth from a 25-year old mind in the 21st century. Wow.

💜Love & Light☀️,