The Visionary’s Manifesto Presents Jessica GiL “The Alchemist of Nail Polish”

Have you ever heard of organic hemp nail polish?  Well if you haven’t then consider yourself among one of many who are just being introduced to the concept because this infusion of organic minerals and exquisite color combinations is the work of someone who has navigated the self-taught science of creating a very unique brand of nail coverings and there is something celestial in her manifestations that beckons the wearer to capture a unique high vibration that spins like miniature galaxies upon the finger nails and shoots like lasers from one’s fingertips.  Let’s venture into the laboratory of this caretaker of colors and learn about her journey.

HoC Interview:

HoC:  How did you get started in the nail polish business?

JG:  I got started about 3 years ago I’m a big nail polish fanatic I used to love painting my nails different colors and mixing them.  I would buy several different brands of nail polish and came away with feeling dissatisfied until one day I decided to just make my own instead of spending money on other brands.  I started doing my research and I found that there was an independent nail polish maker community and I got involved.  I looked at the best options for my own brand to include cruelty, carcinogen and allergy free mixtures.

HoC:  Tell us why you designed a “cruelty free” nail polish.

JG:  My whole idea was to make it become a brand beyond something to sell I wanted to make a positive impactful statement.  I looked at animal free products because I am a huge supporter of animal rights/activism and the difficulty was in identifying the many different products that are used to create nail polish such as the different forms of glitter that can originate from reflective lifeforms such as fish that can come in many beautiful colors via their scales.

HoC:  What is “death row dog rescue?”

JG:  It’s an animal rescue organization here in Hollywood Florida that is run by a beautiful individual out of her home.  Her name is Diana Peters and she struggles to meet the needs of taking in all types of dogs ranging from puppies to full grown breeds.  I knew that I wanted to be affiliated with her cause through a percentage of sales made from my products because it resonates on the same platform in keeping with animal free products and non-abuse issues.

HoC:  You have a lot of interesting color and texture variations, how do you come up with the names to go along with the color schemes in particular the Elvis collection?

JG:  Coming up with the concepts and names is probably the most difficult part because I’ll think of a unique name and build a color scheme around it or the reverse will occur where I mix a beautiful color with polishes and glitter and the name will come to mind just by looking at the finished work.  I have a popular one named “deep space” because the more I gazed into the pigment the more I became lost in the depths of color as if I was being pulled into a universe.  I recently had one that reminded me of a tainted love so I created a dark rainbow blue hue.  The Elvis collection came from my youth and growing up being a huge fan the name “satnin” was what he called his wife at the time and my high school boyfriend adopted the same name for seductive purposes (heartfelt laughter).

HoC:  Are there any future nail polish colors that you are working on?

JG:  Yes, I have quite a few lined up one of them that I am currently working on is a neon-like color and the process takes a while because it requires a weird science of how the product reflects light, durability and how the polish looks on the nail It can take up to a month during the incubation process.  I have a separate collection in the works that I’m really excited about that will involve specially designed quartz infused crystals with diamonds it will be a collaborative effort with another creative individual in that genre.

HoC:  What other markets are you considering venturing into?

JG:  I’m definitely looking towards the make-up industry specific to lipstick designs.

HoC:  You are a creative person who has developed an amazing product, what advice do you have for people who wish to do the same?

JG:  The most effective piece of advice I can give is to keep at it if you have an idea don’t just sit on it! Go for it!  It’s like working out and how you reach a sticking point where you need to push yourself even if you’re working several other jobs to make your dreams come true which is what I have been doing but it’s worth it when there is a tangible product that people love.

To see Jessica Gil’s entire collection please visit her stunning creations on Instagram @satnin.polish and you can google her product website on at and follow her on Facebook at Jessica Gil or satnin polish.