So this week’s heART of Cool (HoC) Art Tuesday’s renegade that popped into my world, creating a mind boggling situation with his colorful and otherworldly Pop Surrealist Art Creations, is none other than Francesco Lo Castro. Native to Catania, Italy and raised in Germany for quite some time, Lo Castro, is phenomenally respected as a brilliant mixed media visual artist and curator of splendid art exhibitions that embody a psychedelic global aesthetic. Lo Castro spent the majority of his high school years growing up in South Florida, where he was captured and heavily influenced by hardcore music scenes such as punk and graffiti, just to name a few. From there onward, he developed a mutlifaceted technical range within his artistry coupled with messages of social awareness fired by his own uniqie revolutionary DIY approach, HoC style ALL THE WAY!


It is no surprise that Lo Castro’s authentic and insatiable appetite for realizing AND owning his own version of success sparked accomplishments such as: breaking the Art Center’s attendance record in 2006 when he curated his first Pop Surrealist showcase entitled, “We’ll Make A Lover Of You”. It is also not a surprise that Lo Castro is not only an Artist, but also the CEO & Founder of Pop Art Studios Inc., an incubator and creative services company as well as a design studio, where Lo Castro can see a myriad of his visual artistic creations come into fruition on his own terms. Additionally, Lo Castro is the cofounder of the Vanguard Art Fair, a showcase of emerging trends within the Pop Surrealism and Street Art World, further solidifying his impressive nature to be both an Artist and a business man. What a resume!!!! As if it is not enough, just to create the most imaginative and beautiful pieces of Art ever.


Having an encounter with the array of innovative brilliance that Lo Castro inspires is a wonderful gift sent from heaven above. And you do not have to just take my word for it. Outside of the few art pieces displayed here comprised from his Geometry and Wonderlust creations, be sure sure to check out his extensive portfolio on his website. The canvas he uses are diverse and magnificent. And whether it is apparrel or traditional visual art combined with nontraditional art creations with his infamous use of resin, the soft and vibrant colors he uses coupled with the geometric shapes and the culturally infused subjects, will literally BLOW YOUR MIND and WOW YOUR HEART!





💜Love & Light🌞,