A loving mother; A devoted wife; And an ever evolving Artist. Alicia Keys may have taken a 4 year hiatus on music in order to experience life and family, but she never took off on expanding her Artistry and sound. And the subtle, yet mesmerizing song with AfroBeat influences entitled, “In Common”, proves just that. Sultry, Poetic and deeply nostalgic, “In Common“, is featured on this week’s heART of Cool Music Monday’s.


The first single off of the sixth untitled album, “In Common”, has a compelling sound that speaks to the soul and literally had me freestyle dancing in my bedroom for at least 45 minutes.  The raw and organic inspiration behind this record is contagious and outrageously authentic. Listen to Keys talk about the wild and unmitigated reality of the deepness of love as you begin to really give of yourself to another, seeing your reflection in them. It starts to feel like you are practically dating yourself. And since love is the highest vibration on the planet, it opens you up to the reality that we are ALL not that different after all; WE ARE ALL CONNECTED!


According to Alicia Keys in the Fader, “this video is about celebrating our individuality, and how in the brilliance of our uniqueness, the magic of it all is at the core, we are all the same. We want the same things. We all want to experience love, the freedom to be our truest selves, to love whomever we want and to be accepted and celebrated for all of our nuances and so called imperfections that make us, us.”


Now if that does not sound like the heART of Cool movement, I just don’t know what does. After Keys showcased, “In Common,” on the iconic SNL stage in her hometown city that never sleeps, NYC; the world has been enlightened with music that just sits well with your soul because it is serenading you with TRUTH.

So check out the video and let us know what you think!

💜Love & Light🌞,