Now if you missed the BBMAS last night, you missed a real treat!! I have not actually watched the BBMA’S in about 3 or 4 years, but I must say I am glad I did. One of my favorite artist opened the show, BRITNEY SPEARS. And man did she come to let everyone know she is back. Not only is she back, but she is back better than ever, as we all know BRITNEY has always been great at reinventing herself. Britney hit the BBMA opening stage with a full red 2 piece on that was KILLER!!! She opened the show with a big burst of energy and a smoking look. Britney danced on stage and ended dancing on a guitar. It was the best opening I had seen in a while.


Not too long after, JUSTIN BIEBER took the stage; and oh, did he stop the show! Bieber and his longated tee look was a smash. The light colors were such an asset to his set. It just could not have been more perfect. He performed his smash debut single, SORRY, and the crowd went crazy! BIEBS has really grown a lot and it is such a beautiful thing to see. He actually took home a BBMA last night and kept it short and sweet. BIEBER thanked his MOM and GOD and said he wasn’t a man of many words.


The Weekend also came through and shut it ALL THE WAY down, taking home 8 BBMA’S and breaking records at the same time. The weekend is one of the first male artist in history to leave with that many awards at once. This is totally not a shocker to me at all! The weekend has been out for about 4 years now and has kept his brand growing very rapidly. Starting out with DRAKE and in the end sticking to his brand XO which is now the new wave of top 40’s music. The weekend won 8 awards but was in 12 categories that in and of itself ruffles feathers. LUDACRIS openes the show saying why doesn’t the weekend give some other people a chance. I guess he really did not have to and that was a clear statement. THE WEEKEND showed up simply dressed as usual with a silver DSQUARED jacket, a black shirt and some jeans.


Now when RIRI hits the stage these days, she hits the stage! Ri performed her ballot “LOVE ON THE BRAIN” and mannnnn did she kill it! Her mink Shaw and suit look could not have been more stage worthy. RIHANNA opened the the song in a very mild way. It almost made you wonder was the tempo ever gonna change and it did not. RIHANNA came out last night to let everyone know she is an artist and she can sing. This was a big moment for me as I have never been a RIHANNA fan. When RI went to accept her BBMA she gave the most beautiful speech and it covered all bases. For me; when she said fans and supporters that was a big jump. She, at that moment, let the world know she knows people doubted her; but even if you did, she is accepting you anyway. NOW THAT’S WHAT I CALL STEPPING IT UP A NOTCH.


A few other great performers hit the stage and it was a night to remember! ADELE was not able to make it but aired her new video SEND MY LOVE TO YOUR NEW LOVER at the BBMA’S. It was the MOST creative video. LOOK OUT FOR THAT ON NEXT WEEK’S MUSIC MONDAY, Not to mention the only person in it was her. MADONNA AND STEVIE WONDER did a tribute to PRINCE and it was absolutely beautiful. It gave a vibe to the closing of the show no one expected. With all the lights in the venue turned purple, it was a beautiful set! If you missed it, be sure to check out NBC.COM for recaps.


Signing Off!
-Tasha Bouè