Now this is what I call news! And I know we are all a bit familiar with the black panthers, but that is not what we are here for today. The BLACK PANTHER movie has been confirmed by MARVEL! Now what is really great is that it has been released that it will be a black cast.


CHADWICK BOSEMAN, which was the new guy in CAPTAIN AMERICA, will be the lead playing the PANTHER. And if that was not enough to get you excited, it has also been confirmed that ACADEMY AWARD WINNER, LUPITA NYONG’O AND MICHAEL B. JORDAN, will join the roster of actors for the comic book movie also. Although, it is still unclear what roles everyone else will play, it is exciting to know JORDAN will be back working with CREED director,  RYAN COOGLER.


BLACK PANTHER, will be MARVEL STUDIOS first film featuring a black super hero as the title character. Now, what I found most amazing about the whole thing is the fact that I have been a part of the MARVEL family, working with ACADEMY AWARD WINNER JAMIE FOXX, who actually was the first BLACK VILAN ever! It is things like this that open the way for other people to have these opportunities, but what will be most exciting to see will be the COSTUMES. The MARVEL family has perfected the system of creating custom pieces for these films that cost millions of dollars by themselves.


When working on spider man, which was the largest film MARVEL had ever done in NEW YORK CITY, I was given the opportunity to get MR. FOXX dressed everyday for 120 days as ELECTRO! This was an experience like non other. Seeing the prosthetics being applied and watching the transformation happen, was literally MAGICAL and a moment in time that allowed me to appreciate what is next to come. I can only imagine how the cast feels being blessed with such an opportunity.


Congratulations to the MARVEL family for taking the MARVEL brand to new heights. I cannot wait to see this on the big screen! And remember, as you watch, it takes about an hour to get these guys in and out of these suits. And this explains why they get the big bucks!!

Signing Off!