We caught up with Jason Faustino, Extra Butter’s Creative Director and Co-Owner, to get the inside scoop on their latest collaboration with Asics. Check out our full interview below!

HOC: What’s the story and inspiration behind extra butter as a name,  brand and movement?

JF: Extra Butter’s name is rooted in our love for film. It’s also a throwback to New York slang, using “butter” as a description for things that are premium, high quality, smooth, dope, etc.

Our movement is based on being expressive with one’s individuality through lifestyle. We’re passionate about what we’re into whether it’s material or activity…these things can exist in a larger scope when it becomes part of one’s actual living and lifestyle. 

HOC: Did any of you grow up wearing Asics as a kid? How do you think the brand has evolved over time? What does Asics mean to the sneaker culture today?

JF: Honestly, I didn’t wear Asics as a kid, but I’m sure others in our team have. The brands evolution is amazing in my eyes. For years, and still now I speak to people who run in Asics as they’re on the forefront of the running community with their footwear. ‎Extra Butter having a solid foundation as a family footwear business allowed us to be very familiar with Asics from a technical standpoint, but it was apparent that it appeals on a fashion level as well, especially through their retro product. Where Asics is in the sneaker culture today is really around the top. The brand is synonymous with the best releases of the year nowadays, and on stackedSaturday’s where there are numerous sneaker releases, Asics consistently garners a ton of hype and energy that pulls in feverish consumers that will wait over night and do what it takes for their pairs.

HOC: Do you think this collaboration will bring back that 90’s Asics feel?

JF: I think the shoe franchises Asics has under their belt are 90’s product, but silhouettes with a design ahead of its time. I don’t think consumers now are hooked simply by nostalgia. In the 90’s the Asics styles were futuristic and speak to the audience now. Nearly 10 years ago Patta released a super limited Gel Lyte 3 which I think is not only the best Asics in existence, but one of the best sneakers ever made period. Alife was the one shop in the US that carried it, and to me that puts Asics on the map in our sneakerhead world. The shoe was impossible to get and impeccably designed. It left so many people with a massive thirst for more, especially once they learn of Asics classic Gel LYTE III model, and it’s standout split tongue.

HOC: Did you guys love Karoake before this collab and know about its history?  Should we look out for any other cool activations involving karaoke? 

JF: Yes, karaoke is a favorite pastime of ours, and for Extra Butter to be involved with anything, it would definitely stem from our own personal experience or engagement with it. Doing your research is also in our nature to be almost scientific in discovering it’s origins and evolvement over time. I’m filipino as well, so I almost feel karaoke is in my blood as I grew up with family events where karaoke is a staple. Will other activations incorporate it? After last night’s karaoke launch party…it has to be, the vibe was so infectious and all I heard all night was people wanting us to do this again.

HOC: Would you guys consider yourselves sneaker heads or just lovers of fashion?

JF: If you’re a lover of fashion I don’t know how you’re not a sneakerhead or at least extremely selective about your footwear overall. Fashion is missing a vital bloodline without the footwear aspect. I grew up into sneakers and apparel equally so I likely lay somewhere in the middle of the two. 

HOC: Tell us about how you selected the color and print? Why Zebra print?

JF: The design of the sneaker is based on karaoke in a way only Extra Butter can connect to. Anyone new to us can find a good search point in the aforementioned questions‎ as to how we came up with our name. Ultimately, the main color of the upper, something we’re calling “night shade”, is a sexy color when mixed with black and a blush pink. The zebra print is adding the wow factor to us and a sense of discovery, something I think we always naturally gravitate to and are not afraid to pursue in what we present.

Be sure to check out the collab for yourself at  NY’s premier sneaker and apparel boutique, Extra Butter (http://shop.extrabutterny.com)!