Yesterday, while everyone was kicking off the first NYC Fashion Week of 2016, Hedi Slimane; french photographer and fashion designer for Saint Laurent, decided to make up his own rules and showcased his Fall 2016 men’s and Pre-Fall 2016 women’s collections in Los Angeles, CA instead. The star-studded fashion extravaganza was hosted at Palladium theater and had star powers from Lady Gaga, Ellen Degenerous, Jane Fonda, Lenny & Zoe Kravitz,  Dakota and Ell Fanning in the house.

Light arches that moved while being suspended from the ceiling, provided a starlit gaze of the opulent and luxurious presentation of fashion. The HeART of COOL highlights were definitely, hands down; the David Bowie look alike in a stunning three-piece tuxedo, who opened the show; the embroidered jackets with musical and floral patterns, the shiny platinum wide legged pant, the bow tie unisex dress shirts, the party gilded hard bottom shoes and fancy boots for the and of course the incredibly giant minor detail of the glittering eye lids of some of Slimane’s top models such as Lida Fox, Lili Sumner,  Helena Severin, and Kiki Willems just to name a few.

The wild brilliance of the whole experience was the power that Slimane exemplified in daring to be different and original with deciding to move the Saint Laurent fall runway show all the way across the country to LA when the entire fashion industry was in New York. There is no doubt that Slimane has inspired and puzzled the fashion world. And there is no doubt that Slimane and anything he touches will always remain relevant as long as he keeps the main thing the main thing and that is authentic evolution and paying attention to the PEOPLE more than the INDUSTRY.

Check out some of our favorite looks below and let us know if you are feeling the movement.

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