Did anyone catch Cold Play’s psychedelic set, Bruno Mars’ Krush Groove performance and Beyoncé’s GRAND SLAM THANK YOU M’AM entrance on the field singing her hot new record, “Formation” , with the sexiest Black Panther background dancers during the 50th Super Bowl? Well, HeART of COOL (HOC) most certainly did along with the other 100 million viewers.


Tash and I were actually in San Francisco this past weekend for a tech fund investment networking seminar so we got to experience all the magical and infectious energy San Francisco had to offer during all of the rest of the Super Bowl festivities. And although we missed out on reveling in Cam Newton showcasing his infamous version of the DAB dance, this year’s nostalgic, 12 minute Super Bowl half time truly made up for it.

So check out the performance and let us know which mega star blew your mind most and why? PLUS, check out our BONUS video below revealing the full, wicked Beyoncé video, “Formation”( which was released just 24 hours ago.


💜Love & Light🌞,
Cris & Tash