To those headed to the Bay Area this weekend; let’s make it clear, no matter what team you are going for, COMFORT is the real win! The sweater button up option is a win every time. The options with this look are endless. Of course lighter colors work best for the season; but even if you don’t have the colors, build the look!  The button up to the top is the more professional look, but if you are doing anything for SUPER BOWL 50; just relax and leave a few open as it’s going to be a good game.


The scarf is and will always be the most popular accessory and if it has not been a hit in your world, you really should try it! This football weekend will be a cold one and the breeze will come along with it. Wearing a scarf is that one thing that will set your outfit off and that is a guarantee. Plus, wearing a scarf adds a multi functional flare and value that will be sure to keep you warm! So if you are going to be somewhere cold, give this look a try and it will seal the deal for sure.


I am such an overcoat junkie and this is just a tip of the iceberg! The over coat look is always a solid one on my list and works for everyone. The confidence it reads is amazing and allows you to sport it the way you want. Open or closed, it totally gets the job done. Of course tan is the color of the season, so you cannot go wrong with it. To those in the Bay Area or headed there, this is a must have! It is expected to be pretty chilly and that is an understatement I am sure. But to those in other parts of the world that have a similar chill, make sure you bundle up.

Signing Off
-Tasha Bouè