Well here we are almost 2 and 1/2 years later! As everyone knows, Cristen and I chase art and Artists and that’s just the play always! We have this affinity for Artists all over the world. It is hard for us to explain how stone cold crazy we are about Art, but it probably stems from us being artist ourselves.

People often ask Cristen, “Well, what kind of artist are you?” And she confidently replies, “I am an artist of life,” which is a pretty dynamic response if you ponder on it long enough. That response has caused me to view things differently and that is how we arrived here! 2 years ago Cristen and I were at Basel and at the end of it all Cristen met a guy named Jason, who worked with an artist by the name of King Saladeen, who had just shown at Art Basel Miami, but we were not hip to the King then.


We researched and paid attention to King Saladeen and, soom, we began to see the start of a serious hellacious movement: The Dawn of The King. This artist was quite an intriguing guy that we could literally never run into all we knew is that his name was KING SALADEEN! After a year of going back and forth, we ended up back at Basel for our annual Art of Glow party. And this time, we actually got to see what Mr.King Saladeen was all about.


Now what is funny is that we were there, but still did not get to speak at first.The meaning of so close, but yet so far, Cris and I know all about! Never the less, the new year hits and Mr. Saladeen ends up in LA and that was the start of a new era!

Cristen and I went to the LA ART SHOW where we got to see a full exhibit of Mr.Saladeen’s amongst other dope artists as well. Something about our encounter was different.  The King and Jason greeted us upon arrival with so much LOVE. Strictly HOC STYLE! It was so amazing to see that he was one of us, not too caught up on himself, humble, and all around a good, easy going gentleman. Saladeen and Jason are all around stand up guys and that is exactly what it is about for Cristen and I. Notice in all that I have mentioned you still have no idea what he does. You know why? I’ll tell you why because we are all about who you are! Once we got past all the conversation we were exposed to some amazing art that Saladeen had created, nothing short of amazing is all we can say. We encourage you to check out the King’s work and really take in the artistic vision he has to share with the world.

And oh by the way, of course, you already know the King Saladeen x HeART of Cool collab will be coming soon. Cristen and I are in deep thought about what dopeness we can cook up with the KING. And as soon as we know, we will be sure to share it with you too! Something tells me, it may be time for the limited edition collection… STAY TUNED!

Signing Off!
-Cris & Tash