Take it from a local; DO NOT come to San Francisco under the assumption that it will be warm just because San Francisco is in California. Check the forecast. Ladies, it is scheduled to be in the 60’s during the day, which means around 50 degrees at night. While it may not be snowing and 50 is not a negative number, it can still be quite cold. If a breeze comes off the Bay water at night, believe it or not, it can feel worse than a winter evening in New York City.

HOC TIP: Pack appropriately with layers. It is easier to take something off than it is to need it and not have it to put on.


HOC TIP: Break out of your favorite shoes, but please refrain from breaking an ankle. Most of San Francisco is on an up hill slant. The hills in San Francisco are not little heels. They are in actuality, generally steep. The steepness of the hill in high heels, can feel like you’re walking up a ski slope. Take my word for it. Also, one should REMEMBER, much of San Fran is not into valet. However, feel free to Uber or Lift as the city is loaded with drivers, who will be available to give you that door to door service you deserve, but traffic may have you waiting the night away so I guess it is just a gamble. Be cool with wearing something a bit more comfortable unless you are arriving by helicopter. And in that case, please take me with you!


TIP: Remember the Bay Area is comprised of several cities pretty close to each other, but all with different weather. Be fluid in your style of dress as you will find San Francisco is relaxed for the natives. If you happen to be in San Jose, think back to your college days. Going out they tend to be stuck right there in fashion. Oakland is completely mixed with those who give it a go and those who are there to dance comfortably. Keep in mind it is quite difficult to pop around; since, San Jose is about 35 to 45 minutes from San Francisco in one direction, and Oakland in another.

“All the Cool Things”

-Valarie Barnett, HOC Contributor