Ladies.. Time to build a better sexier butt.. And we know just how to do it. Here is a great exercise for toning and building a better gluteousmaximous. The name of the exercise is called Elevated Hip Thrusts and it.can be done without weight. You can add weight for more resistance during the exercise if you want to challenge yourself. The benefits of this exercise are as follows: it LIFTS, SHAPES and FIRMS. And any elevated surface will do in order to maximize this exercise. Check out the key points to remember below when executing Elevated Hip Thrusts.

Key Points:

  1. Be sure you are pushing from your heals. This will activate the hamstrings and glutes.
  2. Be sure to squeeze the glutes at the top of the exercise.
  3. Everything must be controlled. Never rush the exercise.
  4. Hold a weight to add more resistance to help with growth.

Along with building a better booty, your hamstring will become developed and that will help with the overall appearance of the your bodies shape.


Work hard and Stay Cool .
– Shaun Spencer, HOC Contributor