Young designer, cultural disruptor and influencer, Don C, went from being a person that bought twenty to thirty pair of other brand’s sneakers just to resale them on the market; to the actual sneaker designer, where kids from all over the nation come to camp out for days just to be among the first to spend $650 for a pair of his very own Just Don x Air Jordans and then perhaps resell them.

The joint collaboration with Brand Jordan most definitely appears to be successful. And there is no doubt that Don C is making a colossal impression on the sneaker culture in addition to creating a huge demand and financial opportunity within the resale market.


Saturday, January 30th, marked the first day of the Just Don x Air Jordan pop UP shop in Los Angeles on 9th and Main St.

HeART of Cool (HOC) experienced the magnetic commotion of Don C’s innovative and worthwhile release and contribution to street culture first hand. Tash and I rolled out and popped up on our HOC family member to congratulate him on his recent success as this was his second shoe release. The energy was crazy and the response from the consumers when they received their luxury, plush veggy beige, Chanel inspired Just Don x Air Jordan 2 “Cremes” with a limited edition red box and red leather strapback cap, was absolutely priceless.


As social entrepreneurs, Tash and I are always on the look out for the dopest collabs and smart moves by multifacted entrepreneurs. We love seeing the cultural product that is created when a dynamic designer of culture gets together with an iconic brand in order to produce the future of fashion in any regard. So kudos to Mr. Don C. You get the HeART of Cool stamp for sure. We see you King!

Available on Flightclub and of course ebay.

💜Love & Light🌞,
Cris & Tash