Hold up! Wait a minute! And stop the press! Has anyone else noticed the dope fashion pieces that visual artists are innovatively creating; thereby,’taking the medium of art to brand new heights?  It’s quite revolutionary to be quite honest.

The ability of a visual artist to create a brand new life for his or her artistic pieces by allowing the art piece to manifest on a new medium, that is actual apparel, is fascinating, super flavorful and out right epic in a lot of ways.

Talk about an Art and Fashion And Entrepreneurial takeover. There is no denying the fact that in this new media age, there is a global economy that Artists can access and create whatever they like and make it available to the entire world with just one click. And as long as the people give it the heart of Cool stamp of course, money will be made.

Yes indeed! Artists are more and more empowered to think outside of the box and maximize their talents and create other platforms, where everyday people can appreciate and digest in 100 plus ways other than a traditional art gallery. T-shirst, sweaters, wall paper, candles, shoes,  furniture, cars and the list goes on and on…. Adding a piece of visually stimulating art will make any canvas posess more style, depth and authenticity.

Check out my top 3 visual artists that are combining Fashion and Art in some pretty trailblazing ways, not only from an artistic point of view, but from a business perspective as well.

– now he is the most original when it comes to the intersection of Fashion and Art to me. I mean, Bass kind of pioneered this new lane and straight shut everything down with his recent release with Forever 21 in 2015. Not to mention, he also is all about paying it forward and is a part of a nonprofit called, AfrikaFifty6, that everyone should learn more about and support. I have to shot out my cool alert business partner, Miss Tasha Boué, for hipping me to Mr. Bass. He is the truth. All FACTS.


Yet another Artist Tash introduced me to. And quite frankly, this gentleman really snuck up on me. It was as if he released practically a whole entire line within a blink in an eye. And all of the pieces look fresh. T-shirts, tank tops, sweaters, socks and leggings … In fact, please allow me to make it known that Tash and I are actually waiting on our pair Mr. Bourn Rich!


Who would not want Kingsaladean’s  revolutionary and brilliant bear on the back of their leather jacket or jean jack. I know I would.  Mr. KINGSALADEAN’s poetic, paintbrush brilliance and humility has literally taken Tash and I by storm. There is no item too luxurious for the King to paint on, from Bugatties to MCM book bags and Louis Vuiton luggage, the King’s paint strokes add character and charm to any and everything.


💜Love & Light🌞,