It is always a divine and beautiful moment when you discover music and melodies that somehow seem to take a snapshot of your soul instantly, transporting to you another point and time. An all-around wildly inspiring sound that speaks an original truth that you cannot deny even if you tried. Music that is poetic and deep with emotion, created by the complexities of this human experience and all of its contradictions. Yes, the connection with music is a wonder in and of itself.

With over 12 million downloads on youtube since the YouTube release in, the musical gem, “Gold”, is a magical track that at first sounds rather foreign to the ear, but then quickly transports you to the universe from which it derived as if you were born there yourself. Lyrically witty, sonically whimsical and brilliantly captivating, “Gold”, is manifested by the boldly creative, Kiiara, an American singer and songwriter from Illinois, who plays piano, the flute and the guitar. A faithful trailblazer who worked at a hardware store when she wrote the record produced by Snow.

Signed to Atlantic records, this electronic pop superstar has created a bass-heavy track with trap influences. And the sultry swagged out sound that is authentically Kiiara’s own, yet now belongs to the world, is literally the talk of the heART of cool universe.

So take a moment and get ready for the ride that this track takes you on. The subject matter is of course love unconditional and honesty or the lack thereof.

Tash and I definitely give this beauty the heART of cool STAMP. Shot out to Miss Bouè for introducing me to such a dope track. We both truly love this record.

💜Love & Light🌞,
Cristen M. Mills