Well, if you thought that we forgot about our heART of cool Art Tuesdays this week because Tash and I were swept away during NYFW, understand that the universe’s delays is not the universe’s denials. Consequently, we are magically bringing you a HoC Art Tuesday / Cool Event Alert Friday combo, introducing not just a cool street artist by the name of Punk Me Tender, but also unveiling his first solo art show and wild experience he created, which was art in and of itself. Talk about a double whammy ?.

Friday, September 9th – Los Angeles, CA Celebrities, VIPs, and Art Enthusiasts gathered at the Historic Beckett Mansion in Historic Old West Adams for artist, Punk Me Tender’s first solo art show.


The event was more than just an art show; it was an art experience. Guests enjoyed art on both canvas and live performance formats in every room of the mansion, as well as a light show and projected art work outside in the grounds.

Music DJ’d by the Aldridge Brothers filled each room of the three story maze-like mansion as guests enjoyed the complete art experience, and of course sipped on cocktails.


Celebrity guests included fellow artist Mr. Brainwash, Susie Abromeit (Jessica Jones), Sammi Rotibi (Dawn of Justice), Jocko Sims (The Last Ship), Justine Wachsberger (Divergent), Matt Smiley (Director/Producer), Raj Sharma (Comedian), and Andrew de Burgh (Youthful Daze).

When describing Punk Me Tender and his collection, he discusses the raw and feminine nature of his art. When he does his street art everything is more random and just about having fun. His work displayed in his show has a deeper feeling to it and more thought put into it. Punk Me Tender fell in love with the Beckett Mansion and knew he wanted to do his show there. The space was extremely organic and allowed everything to connect in a different way that wasn’t calculated. The work displayed varies but it all is connected.

Take a look at his artwork and the event pictures and make sure to go to his website to learn more about yet another dope and cool Artist that most certainly gets the heART of cool STAMP.

💜Love & Light🌞,
Cris & Tash