Well LUPITA has done it again and this time she went in for the ultimate slay!

LUPITA NYONGO, has graced the cover of VOGUE this season and in such a big way. Most actresses who cover this magazine in particular are typically on the rise and that is the scenario for LUPITA!

She is set to star in a new film entitled QUEEN OF KATWE, where she plays a mother of four. LUPITA mentions how she felt when she saw the script come in and how much it meant to play a role so close to her culture. It immediately caused her to tell her agent and management she needed to do the film. This was such a stand up move for her character as a cultured woman living in AMERICA.


LUPITA, who is originally from KENYA, did something special with this issue of VOGUE that we have not seen done before! Once LUPITA accepted the role, she suggested that she head back to her country and allow the editors to see exactly how she lived and where she came from.

Arriving in her country, her first stop was to her family home and farm on the out skirts of KENYA. It was an awakening moment for LUPITA as well as a major accomplishment. Upon arrival, she was greeted by her family and that was a sight to see for the editors as they were all dressed up and ready to celebrate her arrival. Once settled, they all got dressed in these beautiful ensembles and sang and danced.


LUPITA made it clear to the editors she is always chasing authenticity and where she came from is where it all started. This moment was one LUPITA needed as she prepared for this role in the upcoming film. The moment could not have been any better she expressed.

This had to be one of the best moments for VOGUE in my opinion as they were able to catch moments with the woman of the hour that could have only been caught real time. And this made the photos just that much more great!


LUPITA, congrats to you on another win for you, your family and most importantly your culture! Your actions will truly stand next to your words of creating more opportunities for people of color! BIG UP YA SELF!

Signing Off!