Welcome back to this week’s practical writing!

Now that we’ve discovered what we are passionate about, let us begin to manifest these ideals into physicality. We know that our excitements are the hearts passion and that we must align our Selves with them to receive inner peace and happiness. Specific manifestation requires conscious work on all levels to bring to fruition what it is that you want to achieve. Napoleon Hill said it clearly with his statement:


All it requires is for you to turn inwards and to ask to your Self what it is that makes your heart sing. Whatsoever it is, know that you ARE worthy of achieving this ideal. You’ve come here to live a life of adventure and fun, to enjoy your life fully. As you continue to believe that you are limitless, your self-limitations will expose themselves for you to acknowledge with peace and release. How we water the seeds of our subconscious minds is by continuously affirming that which we desire as if we had it now in the present moment. We must affirm our acceptance of that which we desire; that we are worthy of receiving as it is our birthright.


We must seek out any places in our lives that are not aligned with what we are asking for. This calls for conscious filtering of our thoughts, of words and the story we tell others and ourselves about our life. You must begin to spread your awareness to the areas of your life that you are holding yourself back from receiving. Recognize and feel deeply how worthy you are of receiving. Know that it is your birthright and you DESERVE to live a life FULL of abundance and prosperity. ACCEPT the infinite love and grace of the Creator and strive to live in accordance of your own truth. This is how we provide nourishment for our precious seeds of creation.


Sending you love and healing energies always,

Kyle Polansky