It’s time to speak in terms of frequency, as vibrational beings this is all about YOU.

As we are more aware now than ever before in this life, we are vibrational beings. The frequency of events, electronic devices, our food, our water and the words we experience all have great affect upon our personal vibrational fields. It is crucial that we begin to be selective in what we allow into our experience, for the purpose of raising our own vibration.


Why is it important to raise our vibration? The higher your frequency is the faster you will be able to manifest things and experiences into your life. Secondly, as you maintain a high frequency, you hold space for others to resonate and climb the vibrational scale with you. Our vibrational resonance determines our quality of life. If you are a resonating on a low frequency, you will attract low-density experiences and energies. Not a pleasant way to live, as we’ve most certainly experienced this at some point in our lives or from others.


With conscious effort you can begin to raise your frequency. A higher frequency will also allow you to flourish your spiritual gifts, which we all have. You will feel more connected to your Self and to Earth. Old relationships will begin to leave, opening pathways for new people to come into your life. Negative habits or unhealthy patterns of thought will also leave you, bringing in more happiness and positivity. We can raise our vibration by tuning out of the chaos of the world, ceasing to follow the fear invoking parade. Now is a time to focus inwards, towards your inner being that is whispering to you words of encouragement and love.


Next weeks post I will cover more regarding electromagnetic pollution as well as eating high-energy foods and water.

Sending you all an abundance of love and healing energies,
Kyle Polansky