STEVE JOBS was a world changer and that is fact!

Now STEVE JOBS has impacted many lives young and old and that is for lack of a better statement. His creation of the APPLE device was a world changing product. You would wonder with a man being so full of ideas and such a beautiful heart what type of family environment did he grow up in? STEVE JOBS’ wife, LAURENE  POWELL JOBS, is an American business woman and executive! She is also the founder of Emerson Collective, which helps change laws and policies in the areas of education, immigration and social justice. Now when I did my research and learned all these things it shined a lot of light on the impact she is looking to have on the world, no differently than her husband did.


LAURENE POWELL JOBS recently awarded 10 MILLION dollars to 2 teachers out of LOS ANGELES to start a charter school for homeless and endangered children. The 2 winners KARI CROFT (29) & ERIN WHALEN (26) won at the XQ. For those who do not know XQ is a SUPER SCHOOL PROJECT COMPETITION created by LAURENE POWELL.

Now what was most dynamic about the whole thing was how young these kids are looking to start a school for kids. It almost sounds a bit crazy when you think about it.

The funds will be distributed over the course of 5 years where they will be adding programs to hold 50 students growing to about 500. This element alone is what drew me to this story as it is so good to see that the future isn’t a total loss and not only are the elders thinking about the future, but so are the kids. This kind of information and knowledge is what you hope to keep sharing and handing down. The future is truly looking brighter.

Signing Off!