This week for heART of Cool’s Music Monday, Ri Ri, has wowed us again with her latest single, “Needed Me”, off her incredibly gilded “ANTI” album. If you have not purchased “ANTI”, you are really missing out on a wide selection of bangers. Ri Ri creates World Music, the type of music that doesn’t really fit in a category as it belongs to practically every corner of the globe, where all the categories reside. Whether you are growing into a new romantic relationship, growing out of one or just cannot be bothered with a relationship at all, this album has you covered and is sure to stimulate all of your senses with NO INHIBITIONS. Just the way we like it.


One thing that is for sure about our sexy, cool and bold Mademoiselle, Rihanna, is that she tends to just get better and sexier with time; one of the true ingredients to creating a brand that possesses longevity. Yes, that is correct, Ri Ri is like an exotic organic vintage wine so we salute her and not just for her multifaceted talents. We salute her because she has the unmitigated gall to be her authentic herself and that energy resides in anything she touches. And we salute her because she understands the importance of self-love and she owns her power. She does what she wants, when she wants and how she wants effortlessly.


Other favorite songs on Ri Ri’s “ANTI” album are: Pose, Sex With Me, Higher, Goodnight Gotham, Same Ol’Mistakes, Consideration (featuring SZA), Kiss It Better, Woo, Work; yep, practically every song!


💜Love & Light🌞,