The time is almost here for our beloved summertime and best believe it will be all about preparation! The best piece of advice I can give you, is to put it together and put it together well!


The thing to do is to start collecting pieces now, even if it starts with just A cool pair of shorts. The goal is to have your top go to pieces already ready to throw in rotation. I typically start with my shades, of course, because I know the sun and I will be doing quite a bit of dancing, which is why a good shade is important.


Shades are literally the accessory of all accessories. They help take things up A notch! The shade game is crazy because it allows you to show your personality before you even introduce yourself. And this, ladies and gentz, is what it is ALL about: stepping in the place to be in such a way that your reputation and sweet aroma precedes you. And, trust me when I tell you, when you get your look together, you aren’t really put together until the shades are locked in!


RAY-BAN is always a top pick of mine, but you do have other cool brands like CAZAL, OAKLEY and of course FENDI, just to name a few. I did a bit of research and came across some cool options showcased for you here. No matter what you pick, just be sure to pick something and put it together and rock it like no other, heART of Cool style.


Signing Off!