I am the ultimate cute top lover and that is the truth! With summer around the corner; and coming in hot, I do think that this will not only work in my favor, but yours too!! Cool tops are the new in thing that makes your outfit just that much cooler. The idea is to have a print or even a cool quote that calls the people’s attention. Because summer is all about fun in the sun, a little subliminal messaging wouldn’t hurt!


I looked around to see what some of the options would look like now that we are just moments out from summer. I stumbled upon some cool options. And I came to the conclusion that HoC will have to do some summer tank top options to give our outlook on what the cool summer top will look like


We killed the Coachella options! So be on the look out for those. And check out my pics showcasing some tops that caught my attention below. These examples will give you  A clear idea of what it will take to stay on top!

Signing Off!