SHE’S BACK………. Who is back? You might ask. The one and only, I will reply. The one that within 5 years, created 4 albums and 3 out of the 4 went platinum. The one who was a one woman show for half a decade at least with none other than the notoriously progressive producer, Timbaland. The one who manifested “pop paradigm shifting” songs such as “Get Your Freak On”, Work It”, “Pass The Dutch” and “Lose Control” just to name a few. Yes, the woman who changed the game for female mcs and who broke the mold with her undeniable authenticity: ladies and gentleman, MISSY ELLIOTT is back!

After taking a hiatus from the music scene as a result of suffering from Graves’ Disease (an immune system disorder from an overproduction of thyroid hormones due to stress and overworking), MISSY ELLIOTT is back and in full affect. Her most recent single, “I’m Better” is a SMASH and a refreshing piece of Art. Futuristic, out of the box, fashion-forward and visually stimulating: “I’m Better” reminds us of what real innovation is within the music landscape and it challenges all of the current Artists, male and female, to raise the bar when it comes to creative direction and video production 4 sure!

MISSY ELLIOTT is most definitely better as a healthy woman and as a magical being, who continues to defy conventional ways in a fearless and trailblazing manner. She holds no bars and seriously allows her imagination to manifest itself in various scenes such as the top scene with dancers attached to acrobatic rope, the underwater synchronise swimmer and dancer dance off, the athletic ball dance marathon and the disco dance scene underwater with laser lights.

The hair, the makeup, the wardrobe, everything up to the blue contacts all of the dancers have on is tantalising. And the flows: confident, conversational and beautifully nonchalant. MISSY ELLIOTT is on another level. In fact, she is way off the charts and the Richter scale with this galactic gem and vision now manifest.

Directed by Dave Meyers & MISSY ELLIOTT & featuring the Grammy nominated producer, Lamb.

Make sure to check out a warrior’s anthem, “I’m Better”. And look out for the documentary that sheds light on all of the trails MISSY ELLIOTT has blazed through. The rumour is it will be released in 2017.

💜Love & Light🌞,