Although the SAG awards may not be the most famous among the Golden Globes as well as the Oscars, it sure held a special place in my heart this year. Why? Simple. Because it captured the present reality we are living as a nation and the raw emotions of the people that are witnessing our America go through some major changes on a fundamental and philosophical level. And, of course, the high power evening came through with the exquisite fashion stunts as well, which we always play close attention to :-). Here are my favorite looks…

Yara Shahidi
Yara Shahidi (Naeem Khan and Jane Taylor Jewelry)
Taraji P. Henson
Taraji P. Henson (Purple Reem Acra gown, Nirav Modi jewels, Jimmy Choo shoes, Judith Leiber clutch)
Nikole Kidman
Nikole Kidman (Parrot-embellished Gucci creation)
Michelle Williams
Michelle Williams (Louis Vuitton-clad striped sequin gown)
Kerry Washington
Kerry Washington (Roberto Cavalli gown)

FIRST. Let me vocalize that once again, Art is a medium for social change and the advancement of humankind. And we were able to witness this truth in addition to Meryl Streep’s recipient award speech at the  The Golden Globes (2017) once again. Both Actress, Taraji P. Henson (from the  Christmas blockbuster, “Hidden Pictures”), and  Actor, David Harbour (from the Netflix series, “Stranger Things” ), used their platform granted to them after receiving the honor of a SAG award to speak about what they believe in, despite negative aroma and humanitarian outcry against the recent executive order authored by President Trump (temporarily banning, “entry into the United States of aliens” from countries in which “a foreign terrorist organization has a significant presence,” including Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen).

The two Artistic orators’ sentiments and viewpoints were compelling and inspirational. What caught my attention most was Taraji’s sentiments, although it was at first a bit of a challenge after seeing her stunning dress (styled by stylist / creative director extraordinaire, Jason Bolden) ?. As opposed to bashing President Trump and his approach regarding our national security issues, which can seem bullyish at worse and outlandish at best, she took the time to inspire the American people to take the higher road; to stop complaining; to cut out all of the negative jargon and to start promoting through our actions the core values of freedom, happiness and respect to all mankind.

David Harbour

As a black woman, I understand discrimination, ignorance and bullying very well. My parents ensured that I understood what they went through so that I knew how to properly value the freedom that I have to make orderly, sound and loving decisions, not just for my life, but for everyone else that may be attached to my very existence on this planet. And one thing I learned from the Civil Rights movement, is that despite what was going on, on the top of Capitol Hill, the revolutionaries kept marching towards greatness; the humanitarians kept marching towards nonviolence and love; the youth kept marching towards progress and access to create a better life for themselves and the families as well as the greater communities that birthed them as they participated in sitt-ins across America.

When Mother Teresa was asked would she go to an anti-war rally. Surprisingly, she said no.  “I will never attend an anti-war rally; if you have a peace rally, invite me.” Perhaps we can all learn something from her perspective. And when we feel that convenient inclination to start roaming down that negative alley and bandwagon of bashing and complaining about the state of our GREAT nation, how about we use what the Law Of Attraction teaches us: switch lanes and tune up your frequency to a positive vibration, speaking into existence the America you would like to see be reborn again.

How about we organize and do what we can to be responsible for our own communities’ progress and growth through this bizarre moment. How about we practice civic engagement so that we can be well-informed of what exactly is happening so that we know how to hold the leaders we elect accountable (and not just at the presidential level).  At the very least, we can be positive or say nothing at all because when it boils down to the root of it all, we are either a part of the solution or the problem.

Did you know that in 2011 the former President Obama identified the same 7 countries President Trump pointed out as terrorist countries. Yep, that is correct. This means that these countries were considered a threat to the US. And before anyone came to the US from Iraq, in particular, those human beings had to be vetted. This lasted for 6 months. It was an executive order also. I wonder why there was not much outcry about this then? Puzzling, I know. And if you read the confusing facts as to why President Trump’s executive order is “TOTALLY” different, the lines seem pretty blurred to me as when you allow the restriction in one country, you leave room for other countries to follow. Hence, the political spin zone continues!

So like my beautiful sis and divine songstress, Estelle, said on her Instagram just yesterday, no matter what, “STAY RIGHTEOUS. STAY STANDING UP FOR WHAT IS RIGHT. STAY FOCUSED. Notice how she says FOR as opposed to against. And like my father always tells me, “Always think twice when trusting politicians. They seem to bend the truth at best and lie at worse.”

I do not like politics. However, I do have a burning desire for THE PEOPLE. I will continue to put my faith in the Most High. The Source has never failed me yet.  Every day that I have the breath of life granted to me, I will aim to be a better human being, focused on leaving a legacy of love. And I will leave the politics to politicians.


💜Love & Light🌞,