The obliteration between high and low fashion was showcased last Friday on the runway at Le Palais at the Louis Vuitons FW17 show. Louis V’s opening look captured a two-piece suit paired with a red Supreme sidebag. The look was unassuming and the concept, quite epic.

It is OFFICIAL. Streetwear and high fashion have married one another, forming a rather co-dependent relationship that brilliantly and innovatively feed off eachother.

The days of having to be dressed from head to toe in all designer anything have come and gone and in today’s age of authenticity seem pretty foolish. And thank goodness for that as what a mundane and monotnous world the fashion industry can create with all of their rules as to what is high fashion and what is not; what color is in season and what color not so much, etc. It’s all fashion to me! And it is about time that the reflection of this truth find itself on the runways as opposed to just the streets.

  1. I always mix and match my items; whether it is a Fendi scarf with atheltic gear or a Chanel trench coat with a vintage old school t-shirt and Dr. Martin combat boots. I wear what I feel, paying no attention to the designer, whether high or low and focusing on what matters most: the appreciation of the unique range of styles out there when it comes to designers and how I feel when I am rocking their Art-form.

Check out some of the Supreme x Louis Vuitton fashion pieces and allow it to inspire you to cross-polynate within all the ecclectic worlds fashion lends. Wear what you desire to wear according to how you feel and refrain from letting anyone sway you.

You are the Artist. Your body is the blank canvas. Paint and decorate the canvas with your vision and you might just inspire the very designers you support and buy from.

💜Love & Light🌞,