Anyone who knows me, understands how I love and live in color and sparkle 💫. The array of beautiful emotions that various colors convey shifts and elevates consciousness and uplifts moods, so I wear a combination of colors everywhere; especially when I decide to wear make-up too.

The brand Hidden Cosmetics makes a cruelty free, vegan, hand made and hand pressed holographic pigment dust that is perfect for incorporating a little rainbow 🌈  unicorn 🦄 effect in your world. It’s a multi-functional as  you can wear on your body, face and nails. All you have to do is prime your skin for the best application and then use either your fingers or makeup brush to swipe or pat all of the color and sparkles on. They even have a glitter fix adhesive gel that you can apply on top of the pigment also to give your look that extra swaggy glow if you like.

Chose from a myriad of colors that are sure to get your creative beauty juices flowing and allow all of the color to magically propel you all day and night long.

INGREDIENTS: Acrylics, Copolymer, C17700

💜Love & Light☀,