WOW, it’s been quite some time since I have found myself here – typing  my unadulterated thoughts and feelings for everyone (including all the various versions of myself) to bear witness to.

Sooooo much has materialized and took place in my internal world, and most certainly in the world we live in at this point. Legends such as Nipsey HustleKobe BryantJohn LewisGeorge Floyd and others have transitioned into a higher realm of consciousness in a riveting and potent way. The great ascendants left us the torch 🔥 to carry on while they time-travel into new dimensions and galaxies where time-space reality is no more. However, those who have ascended ahead of us shine ✨ their light as north stars for us who have vision enough to see 👁.

But the question I ask is what exactly are we to carry on post-quarantine in a trans-humanism vs. divine sovereign super human being era, still very much at the dawn of the Age of Aquarius ♒️? Where politicians seem more devilish and manipulative than ever before, with their militaristic arms of media disseminating propaganda and mind control for the purpose of dividing and conquering to enslave and control the masses. The kind of enslavement that is not forced on you overtly because it’s a covert operation that silently disempowers all who focus on the distractions it produces as opposed to one’s own intrinsic power.

The self-perceived war between the vaccinated and non vaccinated with the backdrops of the threats of mandates lingering in the atmosphere. When you really take a minute to ponder on everything, it’s most certainly wild and chaotic at first glimpse. It can be characterized as daunting and even apocalyptic in nature. Trust me, I get it.

However, after you meditate within your own righteous and sovereign being, the fuckery and dust starts to settle, and you begin to start seeing things and people as they really are – including yourself. It’s in fact down right sobering to the point that you have to be grateful for it ALL because it took ALL of this to actually wake you up. I mean, let’s be real for a second here. This phrase that seems to be floating around in such a trendy way – STAY WOKE – oh, yes, this aforementioned phrase has serious levels to it. I mean come on, some of us, if not most of us, did not even realize we were sleeping 💤. Now how crazy is that‼️

We were activists and innovators and world-renowned entertainers, entrepreneurs, Artists and parents to beautiful, beloved children that shined on the field or on stage or in the classroom, AND we all got hit by a Semi truck of reality, out of nowhere it appeared – all of the invisible (more like ignored) elephants in the room that is.

The violence that once was only in the ghetto conjures up frequent appearances in West Hollywood on Melrose Avenue in broad daylight now, making its way to Beverly Hills I am sure. The fear and confusion promulgated on society is just festering and bubbling until it actually materializes into a physical experience that echoes its non-physical reputation. A fear that is so cold-blooded it literally paralyzes you in such a blinding manner that you forget that you were actually made in the image of God – a human being on the planet for such a time as this.

Immortal souls having a human experience. Yes, that’s who we are. However, the fear can make you forget just how immortal and impervious you are. The fear can make you forget that everything you need you already actually have and that your body is so miraculous that it can heal itself as long as you give it some time without repeatedly poisoning it with self-sabotaging thoughts, food, chemicals, people, places and things that no longer serve and honor the vibration of you. Yes, we forget how simple life is and we make it complex.

SO, again I ask myself what are we to carry on in this wild time and age and season that we ALL, whether we remember or not, signed up to be a part of and play a vital role in before we even came to earth 🌍 ? Well, the answer is simple, of course. At least for me, it is. I mean, clearly the answer must be what the answer always is and always will be because the true answer is always constant in any situation or encounter. It’s unwavering and unchanging and will see you through when you cannot seem to see your own self through. That’s the beauty and the joy and the peace of the answer, which is the truth.

Until I came to my own inner-standing, I decided not to write ✍️. Why write gibberish that has no solid foundation in anything in such a perplexing time when even the preachers are looking for the answers that the scriptures forgot to mention. Perhaps we should explore the apocryphal texts or even the Book of Thoth.

So, I was patient. And now…… now that I 👁 AM writing, you better believe I have some strong convictions about the state of things. And I just don’t believe the answer or even know it ….. Nah, it’s way deeper than that for me.

You see, I finally realize that I 👁 AM the answer ‼️ And that’s an entire other level of being and operating in this matrix we called planet earth, which by the way is still the most cutting-edge experience of manifestation in the cosmos.

Always remember, it’s one thing to believe and have faith (the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen). It’s another reality to know that which you believe, and so you apply the knowing as much as you can (depending on your discipline) to EVERY aspect of your life. And it is an entirely and radically transformative other inner-standing when you are that which you know. When you have no separation between the God in you and You and so you are literally a walking and breathing testimony of ALL that is and ALL that will ever be. There is no thinking. There is no planning or organizing. There is no agenda or mission. There is nothing real outside you for that is just a mere projection of you.

All there is, is YOU. Everything else is an illusion. And you can play and have fun with all the various illusions that you desire because you have free-will. However, may I recommend that the illusions that you decide to interplay with inspire elation and love and beautiful, orgasmic out of this world type of feelings. That is if you want that type of life experience, of course. If you want the drama 🎭 and guilt and pain and struggle and fear, then of course, by all means entertain illusions that resonate with that particular frequency.

You may be thinking now why in the hell would someone want to have that type of ride. But trust, there are people that prefer and respond better to those types of conditions, whether they consciously realize it or not. And guess what, that’s perfectly fine. That’s why we have the yin and yang ☯️. But just remember no matter how bright or dark this L🌳FE experience is, it’s just and illusion – including you.

There is a part of you that is immortal and divinely constant. It was always and forever will be, and that part is the answer to any question you’ll ever have. And there is something about that, that feels empowering and joyous and allows you to be at peace no matter what decade, century, age and state of the world we find ourselves in.


And that is THE PART.

Love & Light,