So, whenever there is a question, there is most certainly an answer. Whenever there is a conflict, there exists a resolution. Wherever there is a challenge, therein lies the opportunity. And whenever there is a problem, somewhere in the universe there is a solution. These are facts. Yes, I said facts. Trust, I am not just conjuring up feel good riddles merely for the sake of it during a strange season that practically every generation on the planet 🌎 has never experienced, so inadvertently possesses a daunting tone. Instead, during a time that can seem like such uncanny chaos, I actually decided to take it back to the basics and facts of life and spend my time seeking the universal truths that are ancient and eternal.


Now, whether we acknowledge these verities is totally contingent upon our free will to liberate our minds and our ability to see 👁 the truth as opposed to throwing parts of our consciousness into webs of delusions and spirals of denials from the various subversive programs that society offers to keep us sleep (which to me means unaware of and operating in your true power and god-like essence as a manifestor). And even though our delusions and denials can create some wild adventures and one of a kind distractions that are spontaneous layovers on the way to our respective destinations (which is coming back to our respective and true nature of ourselves), at some point, we realize that the journey towards truth and reality will always be waiting for us. So, inevitably we find ourselves back at square one where our internal work awaits us, which will eventually lead us back home to our true identity as opposed to one of the carbon copies we accepted from one of the worldly programs offered. Yep, it’s basically like the movie 🍿, The Matrix.

And this is the one thing that lead me to the inner-standing that the answer is within as opposed to without; for it is the internal work that creates our ability to manifest everything and everyone we see outside of us. It’s crazy and ironic, I know. Living in a world where all the focus is extrinsic as opposed to intrinsic in nature is totally backwards and can definitely be misleading. If the kingdom is within us and all the universal truths are recorded in our DNA🧬, why would we need to find the answers outside of ourselves? This is why while the world was panicking from the mass dissemination of incessant perplexing and paradoxical claims relating to the pandemic, creating more confusion, pandemonium and fear (which attacks our immune system) for us to digest than ever before, I simply turned off the news, traveled to be with my immediate family in TN, got really still, focusing on my own God-given consciousness and slowly but surely dispelled all the white noise.

Why would I do this? Well, because if I cease to exist everything outside of me does, so this means that in times of crisis, it’s important to keep the main thing the main thing and that main thing is me in my world and you in yours. And it is our ability to maintain our own sense of clarity which swells from our internal being that gives us the insight, foresight and power to know and inner-stand what’s really happening as opposed to simply believing what other entities outside of us are spoon-feeding us to actually believe.

You see, L🌳FE is all about perspective. It’s not what happens to you, but how you respond to it. It’s not the appearance of your circumstances, yet it’s your personal perspective and internalization of those circumstances. It’s how you allow what’s occurring extrinsically to impact you internally, which affects your frequency and vibrational nature sending signals and messages to the universe to upload various experiences for you on planet earth. And depending upon where you are within your own consciousness, how you perceive what’s manifesting will shift.

Nothing can come to you that is not a vibration within you, including COVID-19. As bizarre as that sounds after being programmed how threatening of a virus it is and after witnessing some of our loved ones even transition into the next realm as a result of the claim of its existence, what I am saying to you is true. If you focus on the virus and the fear promulgated around it, you will be subjected to what comes with that. And that goes for any other potential threat out here. So when it’s all said and done, what will you select to focus on? The external dysfunction and chaos running a muck, or the eternal blissful sunshine that is always available to you AT ALL TIMES within?

My recommendation is to Isolate, calibrate and tune into the frequency of your divine internal nature no matter what you may see with your two physical eyes and watch your outside world and circumstances change for your good. As Abraham Hicks reminds us, pay attention to how you feel because that is what’s impacting what you are experiencing overall. It’s not what is going on in the world outside of you, it’s how you feel about what’s going on in the world outside of you. BIG DIFFERENCE.

So, calibrate to your joy and wholeness and sovereignty and the eternal miracle that you are. Look for ways to feel good and grateful. Recognizing ourselves and remembering who we are as eternal beings instead of living according to what some industrial technological society is projecting on us, is our remedy.

As opposed to participating in the world according to your fears, doubts, insecurities and inabilities, let’s participate in the world according to our knowingness of our true power as loving manifestors and sovereign human beings. Let’s look for things to be grateful for as opposed to complain about, and let’s collaborate with sovereign individuals and build the new world 🌎 that truly serves and honors us.

Love & Light,