Revelation and transformation in many facets go hand and hand. Before one truly takes steps towards the metamorphosis process, there is a catalyst usually in the form of an experience that sparks a sort of ahh ha moment in one’s consciousness. These experiences in fact serve as lessons which are blessings in disguise even if they don’t feel that way in that particular moment. And if you decide to actually learn and grow from these lessons and see the silver lining, you will locate the collateral beauty that thrives in every single moment. Possessing the awareness of the aforementioned fertilizes rich soil where true transformation actually takes root and flourishes.

This season we find ourselves living in, post plandemic, has birthed a myriad of revelations in people’s minds and heARTS – most certainly mine for sure. So much so that I have decided to change the direction of the heART of Cool movement. As opposed to focusing on Fashion, Art & Lifestyle, we will be focusing on Consciousness, Art, Wellness and Collaboration; for, it is these three pillars that resonate most significantly with my soul.


What is consciousness? Consciousness moves energy into form. It begins with this entire idea of the knowledge of self, which then leads to the awareness of one’s own energy and then the mastery of it. It is this pure unadulterated awareness of who you are on a spiritual level that opens up your unique role on this planet and re-aligns your vibration to your natural home frequency, so that you operate within your divine power and live out your destiny to the fullest.

In order to begin one’s awakening, the de-programming of the mind with what society has taught you in the form of manipulation and propaganda for various agendas and remembering the ancient and infinite wisdom that is encoded in your DNA is essential. When one is aware of their own authentic consciousness then they have the ability and choice to master themselves and harness their energy so that truly no one and nothing will master them. Then and only then, can one be truly free.


Now from this liberated consciousness comes the ability to create Art that comes from a pure channel and that can manifest experiences and leave signs, tools, ideas and innovations that are free from warped or distorted agendas and realities that are transactional, manipulative and keep you tethered to the matrix. Art is such a powerful medium to educate, elevate and enlighten one into an uplifted state of consciousness. OR Art can contribute to people operating within their lower frequencies. For EXAMPLE: Music is literally one of the languages of the universe in addition to numbers and astronomy. It is the source of creation and the means of absorbing it according to Hazrat Inayat Khan in his book, The Mysticism of Sound & Music. And whether or not music is adjusted to a particular hertz determines how it actually influences the human beings that listen to it along with the lyrics that are programming your subconscious of course.

So, basically, Art can be used as a  harmful weapon or as a source of healing and I, personally, am captivated by the idea of the healing aspect of it. In fact having a background in the music industry revealed to me how something so lovely, cool and fun could be weaponized, going against your true state of consciousness and well-being, which leads me to our next pillar.


What is the purpose of creating amazing Art that truly inspires the world in a magical way at the expense of your own well-being? There are so many Artists and professionals out there that are world renowned that have no idea what true peace and joy is. Additionally, their lifestyle habits over a period of time have drastically taken away from their health. Not to mention the stress that havocs throughout their vibration due to industry demands and mentally feeling like they don’t measure up and that their only as good as their latest hit. Think about Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Prince – literal icons that died tormented. So I have come to the conclusion that no matter what kind of success one wishes to achieve – it starts in the state and flow of their well-being.

And to bring all of this together, we have the Art of Collaboration. Providing a space for a collective of sovereign beings to collaborate, cross-pollinate and support one another by building a creative global ecosystem that revolutionizes the way we produce and consume Art is the glue to it ALL. Anything great that is accomplished is not achieved alone, so why not work together by leveraging our resources and condensing timeframes and nurturing fulfilling relationships that create timeless, magical memories along the way? Together, everyone achieves more (T.E.A.M). So why not share information and learn from one another as we build and grow throughout this process called LIFE.

These revelations are worth pursuing and lending energy to because they provide the framework for a new way of seeing and experiencing the world around us from an authentic sense of being within. It’s time to remember our unique design and power and the true value of our beautiful light and planet. It’s time to heal ancestral trauma and model all the different flavors of what heaven on earth can feel like because we carry it in our heARTs. It’s just simply time for A NEW EARTH 🌍.

Love & Light,