Well, today is the day people. And Cris and I, are totally excited and turnt! When you put so much work in and give your best to what you love, you know the only thing you can get are great results no matter what the outcome may be because you are closer to your mark as long as you get the lessons. And boy has it been a journey of lessons along the way. We are almost 2 years in and finally ready to soft launch this idea we call the HOUSE OF COOL and it is going to be HUGE!

Cris and I, along with a new addition to our heART of cool family, Mr. COO personified, Wayne Taylor (Lord Taylor); are all looking forward to witnessing the manifestation of what has been a plan under construction for quite some time.

Tonight, we will star gaze, enlighten and broaden our horizons at the 60 Beverly Hills hotel! Our PR, Jane Owen of JOPR, has put the final touches on the experience to assist in the bedazzlement of the evening and everyone a part it. So it looks like we are all set and ready to go.

If you are in LA or the Los Angeles area, please feel free to come by and share your cool and this once in a lifetime experience with us. We will be waiting to host you and your guests with open arms, heART of cool style.

Please see RSVP details on the flyer!



Signing Off!

?Love & Light☀️,