QUESTION: Have you ever spilled red wine on your shirt? Well, I most certainly have. In fact, I’ve spilled red wine on myself and even left a kiss of makeup imprinted on other people’s wardrobe countless times. Annoying and awkward I know. I mean who wants to arrive at their destination and moments after ordering their beverage of choice, realize that they are wearing it? Or even worse, who wants to feel totally awkward as they converse with someone they just greeted and instead of focusing on the conversation, you are more concerned with how to magically cause the makeup blemish to disappear on what’s hopefully not a crystal white shirt. YIKES ?!

Well, what if I told you that NOW you can magically eradicate these innocent casualties of glam and cheer instantly by pouring water on where the love or cheer mark was left? What if I told you that instead of apologizing incessantly to one of your victims of an innocent makeup kiss, you could simply take your bottle of water and pour it on the stain; perhaps, without them realizing it, depending upon how crafty and inconspicuous you can be. It would be like it never happened? Beautiful, right?

Well as beautiful and whimsical as it all sounds, you most likely would think me to be ludicrously out of touch with reality, which I admit, nine times out of 10 is the case with the free spirit I proudly possess; however, this time you would be wrong. And here’s why..

Technology and innovation is well and alive in the fashion world. And the Heart of Cool is here to give you the scoop. The company that is taking a bold and rather fashionable step to create apparel that is comfortable and durable as well as repellant to wardrobe hiccups caused by stains, is Liquid Assets. We were fortunate to meet them at one of the gifting suites we were invited to during NBA All Star Weekend 2015.

Check out a little more info on Liquid Assets below and be sure to be on the look out for their launch.

?Love & Light☀️,

LIQUID ASSETS – Woven Possibilties, Liquid Assets reimagines fabrics. We have created water and stain repellent clothing that maintains softness and breathability of the fabric. No longer will your clothes be susceptible to spills.