It seems hard to believe to me sometimes, but we’re currently in the midst of a huge run of fashion shows. The menswear collections are in full swing for sure and of course, even though this season is supposed to be all about the boys, it wouldn’t truly feel like fashion week without a brief appearance from two of the biggest supermodels of the moment KENDAL JENNER ( who was in the men’s runway show last year as well) and BELLA HADID!!!


Both superstars hit the runway with greased down pixie cuts and gowns on the GIVENCHY Menswear Spring/Summer 2017 runway. YES, AND IT WAS A SITE TO SEE I AM SURE. RICCARDO TISCI, who is the brand’s designer, is known for his loyalty to a select handful of genetically blessed girls using them in every runway show, campaign, and editorial he does! So of course his GIVENCHY gang wouldn’t be complete without the inclusion of these two INSTAGRAM It girls. The pair are already regulars at the fashion house (and tight with his BFF KANYE WEST), so while their appearance during the men’s presentation wasn’t really a surprise their ensembles still brought a bit of that late 80’s avant garde moment!

Signing Off!