Anonymous feedback application, Lipsi, has launched with intentions of bringing social media influencers and bloggers closer to their followings. The application is multifunctional, providing the host with many options to further understand the many dimensions of their followers.

Lipsi allows hosts to pose questions or polls to their followers, welcoming anonymous answers and honest feedback in return. The host is able to then take the information and use it as a tool to manage what kind of content they post based on interests, age, etc.. Lipsi can be used by social media gurus and CEO’s alike to more effectively fine-tune business strategies and hone in on target markets.

As social networks continue to change their algorithms, it is often hard for influencers and bloggers to get an accurate read on how successful their content is among their following or readers. Lipsi gives the user the opportunity to regain their relationship with followers, and helps them keep their content relevant to those that want to see it. Lipsi has already caught the interest of top influencers and bloggers, turning the idea into action. Jace Norman, Ben Azelart and Mason Fulp are just a few of these individuals who have utilized Lipsi.
Lipsi can additionally be used for business owners and CEOs to further understand issues among their teams, helping remedy problems in the workplace quicker and more efficiently than before. By providing a platform where employees can voice anonymous opinions among themselves and to their superiors, problems in the workplace can be identified and acted upon. The adoption of Lipsi in the workplace by CEO’s and employers also shows a desire from within a company itself to address employee dissatisfaction. The implementation of Lipsi can lead to improved productivity and a healthier work environment.

While other anonymous messaging or feedback apps make communication one way, Lipsi gives users and hosts the opportunity to communicate back and forth. This helps a more constructive conversation to occur between the host and the user, allowing the host to explore their feedback deeper and gain more perspective.

Social media has given businesses, individuals and brands the opportunity to sell, market, advertise and create in ways that have never been seen more. Similarly, social media has provided infinite possibilities for garnering viewership, while simultaneously making working online not only cost efficient but profitable. Lipsi is giving individuals the chance to further build on what social media has provided; turning comments into feedback and likes into data.

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