While I continue to rack up on my priceless adventures abroad, I have literally stumbled upon and walked seemlessely into the ultimate international experience within the field of electronic music. And, boy, am I so elated that God has landed me smack dead in the center of the action. Out of all the places in the world it could be, this particular festival is in Amsterdam.

Yes, that is correct. I am in Amsterdam chillen none other than the annual music confernece, ADE. It has been explained to me that it is similar to the Winter’s Music Conference in Miami, FL. And, oh boy, is it LIT. I already am enamored with Amsterdam but this trip has a special emergy to it. With 2,220+ Artists, 140+ venues, 450+ events and 375,000+ visitors; I don’t think an international music lover could ask for anything more.


Basically, I left Berlin, Germany and landed in heaven and I am not looking back?. BELIEVE THAT. The most talented djs across the world along with up and coming fresh talent and brands that provide all of the hottest curators of music with their tools are here in Amsterdam, RIGHT HERE & RIGHT NOW!!! There is even Art exhibitions all around Amsterdam because ADE also has an Art program attached to it. And if you are like me and always want to increase your knowledge, they even have ADE talks where you can learn from the wisdom and experiences of other brilliant influencers within the electronic music field.

This conference is loaded with gems and beautiful memories used to inspire, educate and bless all who witness the festivities. I am super blessed to have arrived in the midst of ADE’s magic effortlessly without any plans of attending.

Take a look at ADE’s lineup, talks and various experiences here. If you are a traveler like me, I am giving you the heART of cool STAMP of approval (Not that you need it) to plan to come here, in Amsterdam, during one of THE BEST times of the year. Trust me when I tell you, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED! And if you do not believe me, check out the pre-party which was a birthday bash for DJ Laid Back Luke’s 40th birthday party.

💜Love & Light🌞,