Well, this is what I call A TOTALLY different approach!

Bugatti has taken things up a level or 3 and that is a for sure thought after viewing the NEW 2015 BUGATTI 16C GALIBIER CONCEPT. If you missed the concept roll out, then you are in the right place for the scoop!


The GALIBIER concept, presented by bugatti, has been the talk of the concept car industry since September when Bugatti released the concept. Now this was such a big deal to me because Bugatti had never given me an inkling that they would ever present A 4 door vehicle, but with all the other high end brands finding new ways to fit more people into the experience, it doesn’t surprise me.



Bugatti presented the GALIBIER in France to a group of the world’s elite. It was invite only and the night was all about GALIBIER. The car is said to be the best work that Bugatti has presented since the creation of the VEYRON, which is Bugatti’s number one seller. And if you do not know much about the VEYRON; let’s just say that if no one else brought the car, FLOYD MAYWEATHER would hands down keep them in business! He has owned about 5 VEYRON’S and counting since the creation of the vehicle.


The GALIBIER came in like a storm with a plush all wood interior and a travel luggage set. It is literally from one extreme to the next with this idea. The hood opens like a space ship although I have no idea why you would need to open it; and what takes the cake, is it comes with a watch too! Yes, the car comes with a watch that can start the car as well as tell time. It is also said that the car can read your pulse and prevent accidents on it’s own. Now this is real FUTURE talk in so many ways! The car business is literally evolving right before our eyes. And soon we will be flying. I can see it now.




The GALIBIER is not the first concept car Bugatti has presented and will not be the last for sure!

Signing Off!