Every illustration starts with inspiration.
It’s a must and fortunately, inspiration is all around us!

Personally, I’m searching for it people watching on the streets and public transport, on Vogue.com after fashion weeks and on Instagram and Pinterest.  Today we have so many ways to see things that can inspire us, I think that’s just amazing!

This is how I met HeARTofCOOL a big flash of inspiration!doc022223

I love drawing people – that’s why I choose fashion illustration. I create characters on paper. In my work I usually use watercolors, color pencil (Faber-Castell are the best in my opinion), Copic markers and recently I’m obsessed with oil pastels. Just look below at my illustrations and you’ll understand what I mean – fantastic vibrant colors and depth.

I draw most of the time with a pencil or pigment black / brown liner. Usually I just change the brightness and contrast, and then clean up the image. I always do a rough sketch initially to see what I can do better and if the’re any mistakes. Then I do lining with a pigment pencil, and only after that I apply the colors. After that I scan my illustration and start to colorize it digitally in Photoshop. I do not use any other software, because I rarely do hard editing to pictures and almost never do digital art.sketch21The most important about art – is to love it. This is kind of work which people do not choose spontaneously. They come to it if it’s in their hearts. Like I to work constantly and that’s not just because I have to – I really do enjoy all aspects of what I do.lastAnd that’s why I’m always super excited when I can find new brands to work with.doc006-3-copyThis series of illustrations & design concepts are all about the color and style. They’re not just cute girls, they know what they want and how they want to look. Their heARTofCOOL clothes are a great way to express yourself and do so on such a cool level.002-2

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