Aloha Dear One,

Today’s active reading is going to discuss a visualization exercise to help you connect with your spirit essence. This will help your aura to be luminous as well as a powerful spiritual protection system that it is your birthright to have.

  1. Stand erect without stiffness, arms at your sides. (You may not always find it reasonable to stand during this exercise. In such case, walk erect, in a smooth calm manner. If you are seated, sit upright with your spine erect, hands palm down on the thighs. Proceed with what follows as if you were standing up. Standing is recommended for this practice, unless prevented by serious health reasons.)
  2. Breathe deep and evenly, progressively relaxing the entire body from toes to head and muscles within the face and skull.
  3. Visualize a long ellipsoid of intense bright blue light, extending 1-2 feet in front, behind, above, below, to the left and right of you. This energy flows from within outwards and returns inwardly, as a torus.
  4. Once you can vividly visualize this bright blue light encapsulating you, then visualize an intensely beautiful burning white globe of light slightly above your head. As you inhale this light grows and as you exhale it continues to expand.
  5. Concentrate your focus on this globe of light so that it becomes even bright, burning like magnesium.
  6. Remain aware of these two images: the bright blue ellipsoid that encases you and the unsmotable white light occupying the apex of the ellipsoid.
  7. While aware of the brilliant light above, begin to conceive the greatest level of good within your existence. Allow your highest good to be experienced as this white light continues to radiate above your body as it’s encapsulated within a bright blue ellipsoid extending beyond your physical body.
  8. When you feel ready, begin to visualize this white globe of burning light to trickle dazzling white sparkles of light that fall down into your head and are felt within your entire being. Completely permeating you and radiating through you.
  9. The outer shell of your bright blue auric field is sharply defined, as the inner field is now beginning to fill with this dazzling living white light.
  10. Continue this state of awareness for as long as you can effectively maintain the visualization. Be aware of yourself—feel the light radiating within, the alertness you have and the bliss of this divine powerful manifestation. It is a divine connect with Source and the energy received will revitalize your energy systems and etheric field.
  11. When you are ready to end this visualization, allow the imagery to fade from your conscious mind. Know that it has not faded at all and the connection still exists as luminously as you imagined.

The more frequently you practice this visualization exercise, the more you will benefit yourself. You will become accustomed to training your mind to focus intently on your energetic fields. You may experience feeling more present; feeling more connected with yourself as well as receive information regarding your highest good. Feel free to share your experiences!


Sending you love and healing energies,
Kyle Polansky