Have you ever noticed that Ferrari makes some of the most beautiful exotic cars on the planet? Whether you ever build up the guts to bolt down the track or simply just cruise down the street, the Ferrari, is definitely a luxury automobile that you would be privileged and honored to have those two polar opposite experiences in. And even if these encounters are achieved by a mere test drive at the good ole Ferrari dealership, it would be well worth your while.

Although the outrageous price tag attached to the car most likely screams available for window shopping only, trust me when I tell you, having an encounter with a Ferrari is an experience worth renting. They are supremely graceful and aesthetically mind-blowing. Sure to possess a glorious noise coming out of the rear as an added cool factor, the robust automobile is designed not only with impeccable attention to detail in the sleek build of the body, but also with the quintessential element of what heart and soul is all about.
Check out my current top favs when it comes to the best that Ferrari has to offer. With either Ferrari mentioned here, one thing is for sure: vintage hidden secrets coupled with sexually vivid, adventurous memories embody the true allure of this magical and exotic car.

Long live the Ferrari: past, present and future.

Probably the most exquisite convertible ever built was this 1961 250 Gt California. Supremely designed by Enzo Ferrari’s favorite car builder, Carrozzeria Scagletti, this car just oozes out the voluptuous epitome of classic chic. With only his two bare hands and an artist’s raw eye, Scagletti literally beat out the metal of each part of every car. That’s why it is said that no two 250’s are the same. The eloquently sounding noise that you can count on coming out the back was delivered by a twelve cylinder grand piano played by Mozart, which produced 280 horsepower, making it officially one of the fastest and most powerful cars of its time.

Photo Credit: Digital Trends.com
Photo Credit: Digital Trends.com


With the gritty streets being the runway, the most modern super model out there at present is the 2015 Ferrari LaFerrari. Yes, the name may seem a bit redundant but who cares because it’s absolutely stunning. “Poised to be the king of all exotic sports cars, its 789-hp V-12 gets a 161-hp boost from an electric motor.” This particular beauty is indeed a hybrid, “enabling it to accelerate like a Bugatti Veyron, while achieving somewhat respectable fuel economy”. The LaFerrari has a twelve cylinder monster with an electric one hundred horsepower engine. And it’s one of the most powerful and fastest cars on the planet with 950 horsepower and having a top speed of 218mph. The icing on the cake is the angle at which the car slopes …. natural and smooth as silk.

– Cris & Tash