BOLD BOLD BOLD is what is was all about for me this winter! Guys were out and about and living on the edge. That was only with the help of of designs from amazing designers like DOLCE & GABANNA. The shearling coat was a smash!

No matter how you wear it, it makes everything better like bacon. This was what I thought the winter was all about but only a few got the memo!


NOW THIS IS WHAT I CALL A DAPPER WINTER LOOK! The suit game is a hard one to play, but this wire accented DOLCE suit is a for sure must have. It reads confidence on every level and this is what every man want’s to feel when he puts his suit on. I hope some one out there enjoyed this or something like it. The white shirt to liven it up was a great pick and works well with a few different looks. The black tie is always a win also. The classic man still comes through! And that is what the ultimate goal is for sure.


Of course we saw a lot of sweaters but how many leather sweaters did you see?? This is a perfect color!! I personally love sweaters and think it works with anything, it is like the perfect multi-functional piece. Most guys always try sweater options but I think leather always adds the spice and is really a personality driven thing. My best advice is if you haven’t tried it, TRY IT! And if you have tried it, take it up a notch.


Now I know one thing that was a for sure smash was the textured look! Every piece I saw that really stuck out to me this season was textured, or had that textured look. I think this is a look that is great to just try. It literally works for just about anyone and truly gives an incredible accent.


Light coats and jeans is how you make a statement! This BURBERRY trench is literally the perfect purchase. The nude and  the tan color options are always solid. The lighter tones always seem to translate better on darker colored jeans. It allows the denim to really shine through. This look is a for sure season winner and can translate in many different environments if you know what you are confident in who you are.

Signing off!