Tech giant Microsoft has unveiled the Nokia 230 phone this week with a basic interface like its predecessor from last year: the Nokia 130. The 230 comes charged  with a 2-megapixel front-facing camera and LED flash, making it perfect for “selfie” taking which seems to be all important in today’s social media climate. With built in apps like Facebook, Twitter and search functions, the Nokia 230 isn’t meant to compete in the smartphone arena, but rather provide users with just the bare necessities.

The phone was created with emerging markets in mind and comes at an unbelievably affordable price of $55 USD. Due to the simplicity of the phone, it’s capable of holding up to 27 days of battery life and comes in a dual-SIM version for people who swap phones or networks frequently. Microsoft is planning to release the phone first in India, Asia and the Middle East in December, with additional regions to be announced later.