Well for the past few months I have been rolling by this Artist page by the name of MISTER-E! And what I find most amazing is how I typically end up seeing these pictures because they are not your typical visuals! With the big burst of color it possesses, it stops you in your tracks no doubt. However, as you look closer and discover that the visuals are of money, it literally blows you away.


MISTER-E sure has a different way of looking at things! What the money becomes in his mind as he translates his vision upon the canvas, sure puts a real spin on things like I have not seen before. MISTER-E has a very unique artistic approach with the depths he takes within the depiction of the dollar bills.


And Not only does MISTER-E draw a source of inspiration from the appearance of tangible dollar bills visually, but he even prints up his own custom bills. Yes, his own custom bills! The bills are sold like art as well as anything he has used as a canvas; from tables to wall pieces. If you name it, he pretty much has created art from it.


One of the things that really caught my eye was the glow in the dark bill. It is pretty sick!


MISTER-E has work in galleries all over the world and has made his mark with his take on the bills. The innovative artist has branded himself as a very well known creative visionary, creating pieces for entertainers and athletes such as: FLOYD MAYWEATHER and MILEY CYRUS, just to name a few.


MISTER-E has made clear that he is ALL about the lifestyle and nothing will stand in the way of that because he has the MONEY!

Signing Off
-Tasha Bouè