You can’t lose what you love, if you loved what you lost. As my mother faced death with victory, determination, faith and peace. She left us a legacy of love and empowerment and modeled how to be steadfast in Godly principles, morals and standards.


I remember as I looked deep within her eyes as she was dying, I saw joy and pain in her desire to bestow the lessons God was teaching in her last moments. Every pain and memory has an emotional base and attachment like joy, fear, excitement, jealousy and love. It is all a part of God’s plan in our journey through this life, to equip us to trade places and continue the legacy to preserve the fruits of my mother’s spirit.

I was chosen by my mother out of 7 siblings, to fulfill her last wishes and implement her desires. It was a challenge at that time; but I realize today, that it was one of the greatest gifts because my mother knew where I was weak and wanted to make me strong.

My mother is alive! Living on the inside, roaring like a lion! Blessing me every moment of my life. She touched all 7 of her children with every fiber of her being with her courage and she understood, “you can’t lose what you love, if you loved what you lost.”

Happy Mother’s Day!! Love, hug and if needed, forgive your mother. ?

💜Love & Light🌞,
Anna Louise Mills