My New Year has been so flighty I at times wonder am I headed the right direction, which is a feeling I am sure most have if you are consciously aware of your life and how it is coming together.

With all these elements coming together I  really wanted to get to my CORE so I decided to spend the year diving deeper into my crystal healing and Reiki work. And  it has literally landed me in the most powerful situations I never saw coming. This is the beauty of life.

Most people are not familiar with Reiki so I will explain it to you the way the Gurus shared it with me! Reiki is a Japanese technique to help stress reduction and relaxation that also assists healing. It is done by what is called “laying on hands” which in a more simple form means healing with the hands. It comes from the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through us and is what causes us to be ALIVE. If your “life force energy” is low, then you are more likely to get sick and feel stress. If it is high, you are more capable of being Happy & Healthy. The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words: Rei, which means “God’s wisdom OR the higher power” and Ki, which is the “life force energy”. So in a nut shell, it actually means “SPIRITUALLY GUIDED LIFE FORCE ENERGY“.

Reiki was actually my first introduction into the healthy healing life doing martial arts my whole life. Once I got good at my craft I was able to understand the Japanese culture better. Having  to count in Japanese and speak to my Sensei took me deeper and allowed me to choose what I wanted for myself so my foundation was set. Of course as we get older we sometimes forget where we came from and this is the work I wanted to do on myself. I, in turn, would be able to help others as well as the people I loved that had no idea it existed.

Well, since then I have encountered some of the most beautiful crystals and healers, which has enlightened me just that much more. I wanted to share my newest find, which is the most powerful crystal store I have been too located in MALIBU, CA!

The SORENITY ROCKS MALIBU CRYSTAL INTERACTIVE WELLNESS GALLERY & PERFORMING ARTS CENTER is what I call a safe haven. With crystals from all over the world and some of the worlds best GONGMASTERS, it is a euphoric place. The sound bath experience has been something I have truly been taking to keep my Chakras aligned and balanced as well as the healing factors it allows the brain to have.  It could not be a better phase of the journey.

The crystal healing process along with sound bathing at least once a week literally has me on fleek as they say. The healing agents we posses to heal ourselves is such a beautiful element to life that I am truly enjoying it on so many levels. I take the time to touch myself, hold myself when I cry and even pat myself on the back! These are elements of being tapped into yourself and that inner child. It is so important to do this at least once if not all of them. This form of unity to yourself translates to those who need it. The light we all posses requires work and maintenance that only you can do and this is what I have found to be 100% true. I hope as the year continues, we all can all adopt new options to extend and support a healthy spiritual life.

Feel free to check out SORENITY ROCKS MALIBU even if it’s just for a breathe of fresh beach air! ❤

Signing Off!